Most people don’t remember the last time they had a good look at their roof. Every now and then, you might glance up at it while doing some yard work, but that isn’t exactly an inspection. Your roof is one of the first lines of defense against the outside environment. If your roof receives any storm damage, the next disaster could cost you more than you ever imagined.

Have you ever heard the saying “a stitch in time saves nine”? Well, it’s true. With a roofing inspection, you are more likely to avoid expensive repairs. Following are occasions after which calling for a roof inspection is a must.

Winter Storm Damage

Winter storms bring havoc and chaos to your roof. Most commonly, roof damage is caused by the ice build up, while water damage occurs later. If you don’t see any damage done to your roof, it doesn’t mean you are safe. Storm damage roof inspections are the only way out from a potential chaotic disaster.


Winter Storm Damage

Hail Damage

Most people are excited to see hail fall from the sky, but this excitement quickly vanishes when that first grainy sphere hits your roof and damages it. Hailstorms cause destruction in every possible way. Many times, hailstorms don’t seem to have caused any visible damages, but the non-visible cracks leave your home vulnerable to potential disasters.


Wind Damage

Your roof shingles often sustain the impact from hail and high winds, but it doesn’t mean that they are unscathed. Wind might not seem to affect your roof at all, but it could leave your shingles damaged. Repairing the damage in a timely manner helps avoid more serious and expensive repairs down the road.


Roof wind damage

Heavy Rain Damage

When the rain falls, it washes away shingle granules from within, eventually removing their protective barrier all together. This enables water to quietly infiltrate your roof and slowly damage it until it is no longer repairable, and must be entirely replaced.

Roof with heavy rain damage - Storm Damage


Falling debris

In the wake of a storm, there is an endless supply of debris to deal with. There are leaves and debris that need to be cleared off rooftops because they block your gutter system. The longer you wait to clear your rooftop debris, the more your repairs cost.

Falling Debris on roof due to Storm Damage

Benefits of a Roof Inspection

When you conduct timely roof inspections, your roofer ensures your shingles are in good condition. They also look for soft shingle spots that can lead to leaks caused by rain seeping through its tiny holes. Inspections are an important part of home maintenance, as they save time, money and prevent future disasters. Below are some essential reasons explaining why you should call a roofing contractor like Empire Roofing for a roof inspection.


Unseen Damage

Wouldn’t you feel cheated if the roof over you failed to block water? The reason for such a failure could be the unseen damages to your roof shingles caused by severe weather. Roofing inspectors educate you about how to literally keep the roof over your head in prime condition.

Roof inspection after Storm Damage

Assess Smaller Damages

A roofing inspection after storm Damage is a crucial step to ensuring the safety of your home and preventing costly repairs. Many homeowners do not realize their roofs require regular check-ups until it’s too late. Your roof requires at least an annual visit by a professional roofing inspector to make sure it’s safe.

Potential Water Damage

A roof is a crucial part of any home. It protects us from the harsh environment and boosts our property value. Inspecting your roof regularly will help identify potential water leaks before they becomes serious.

Saves Money Over Time

Regular check-ups of your roof will allow you to fix existing roof issues before they turn into a disaster. It is worth investing in a professional inspection for peace of mind and the possibility that it may save thousands in the long run. Instead of guessing when you require a check-up, an easy way is to hire a professional roofing inspector for regular inspections.

When to Call Professionals

The last thing on people’s minds is to check for leaks after a rainy day. It’s easy to forget about your roof and drainage system because roof inspections aren’t usually included in our day-to-day checklists. But if you try to carefully look at your roof and notice any missing, buckling, curling, blistering shingles, or drooping gutters, then you should call a professional roofing inspector as soon as possible.

Assists with Insurance Claims

There is a better way to handle storm damage than immediately calling your insurance company. The best way is to get in touch with a roofing company and let them do the inspection for you. If you claim insurance, the roofing experts will help you from the beginning to end. They will save your time, money, and insurance claim reputation.