The weather has several effects on our surroundings. Nowadays, a house is made with material which makes it sustainable in all climates. However, some conditions lead to damage to our homes. Roofs are highly prone to harsh weather because they are constantly exposed to the outside world. A hail storm is considered one of the biggest causes of roof damage, sometimes obliterating shingles and gutters, both which may require extensive repairs.


What is a hailstorm?

Before giving you further information regarding the damage, a hailstorm is basically when rain droplets turn into a solid form like tiny ice pellets, damaging roofs and windows when coming down from such a great height and speed.


How does a hailstorm damage a roof?

Now you might be wondering what happens to a roof when these ice pellets contact them. There are not one but many different ways in which the structure and material of a roof can be damaged, including:

  • Dents and depressions on your roof
  • Holes that expose the roof
  • Damage to shingles
  • Cracks and marks if you have a wooden roof

All the damages lead to a dull appearance to the shingles. Moreover, the shingle granules on your roof can be lost, which can lead to interior water damage.

Hail Storm Damage to the roof


Damage to Wooden Shingles:

Hail damage to asphalt shingles is worrisome, but the damage to a wooden roof or wooden shingles is more severe. This is because the wood is more delicate, and any damage to it leads to the wooden shingles having cracks. Furthermore, splits can take place in shingles, and the pattern can get disturbed. The shine or the color can fade away, making the whole appearance look pale.

What happens if you don’t take this problem seriously?

If this issue is not solved, a minor problem can spread and cause other damage, which may be more difficult to eradicate. The tiny holes caused by the impact of these small, rock-like objects produce holes that serve as a pathway for water to enter into your walls and ceilings during the rainy season. If the area surrounding your home is prone to dust, all the particles and dust can easily enter your living space. Hail damage can also give rise to mold damage, dampness, internal flooding and electrical issues.



Protection against hail damage:

Several options are available when taking precautions against hail damage. Hail can come in different sizes and densities, so it is better to take safety measures before any severe damage occurs. Some of the actions which you can take to minimize hail damage are:
Installing an impact-resistant roof. The material from which a roof is made can be changed from an average to an impact-resistant material, saving it from any external damage when the hail comes in contact with it.
Getting regular inspections by a roofing company. This would help in identifying the problem beforehand, and an expert opinion would save you time and money.
Having roof insurance certainly helps because it can save you money if any damage occurs. The insurance company will assist with the costs, and you won’t have to worry about footing the entire bill.


Insurance for hail damage:

Getting insurance for your home seems pretty simple. However, finding the right policy and information regarding how to file a claim may not be so simple. Once you get the right policy, it is better that you should call a team for an inspection of your roof if you feel that there might be any damage. Whenever the weather gets harsh or after a hailstorm, you should contact a roofing company and ensure no damage has occurred. If any hail damage occurs, you should get an estimate of the repair costs and then contact your insurance company and file an insurance claim.


Hail Damage to the roof

Repair or replacement?

The real question is to decide what has to be done if the damage has occurred. Repairing a slightly damaged roof and getting a roof replaced are two separate things, especially when expenses are considered. A repair is required when there is only slight damage to your roof or you don’t have the time or budget to have a complete replacement. However, if your roof is completely damaged or has reached its maximum age, then replacement is the only option.

How Empire Roofing can help fix your roof:

Our Empire Roofing team has experience in solving all damage-related issues and are experts in protecting our customers in these situations. The first thing to do is to schedule a free roof inspection from us. This way, we can look for early signs of damage and tell you about the condition of your roof in detail.
Contact us today so that we can help protect your home from hail damage.