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Got Storm Damage?

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Has my home been in the path of recent storms and has it been damaged?

The First Step of determining your roof condition and future lifespan is to review wind speed and hail size data from past storms that your roofing has weathered. If your roof has been exposed to storms with intensity above normal wear and tear, we recommend having your roof inspected close up to determine if there was any damage.

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Start by finding out TODAY if your home was in the path of recent storm events by reviewing STORM REPORTS for your address! Empire Roofing has access to the historical weather data for this area and will send a free report of recent storms. Just fill out the form below and we will share this information with you.

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90% of storm related roof damage is undetectable from the ground and requires a closeup inspection to see what impact hail, wind, snow/ice have had on the remainder of the life of your roofing. Most homeowners have never been on nor plan to be on their roof which leaves most storm related roof damage undetected until roof failure which most likely will be outside of time required to file an insurance claim for the weather event that caused the damage.

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Why have a roof inspection?

After a storm we recommend having your roof inspected as soon as possible to determine the potential extent of roof damage and if you should file an insurance claim.

Your roof may have been damaged enough to be leaking, exposing the interior of your home to water which can lead to · Rotten structural wood · Damage to insulation · Damage to sheet rock or plaster · Bubbling, blistering paint Mold and mildew An inspection gives you the details needed to make a plan for repairs.

Insurance companies generally request storm damage first be inspected by a professional roofing company with storm damage experience to help determine if damage will exceed your deductible before filing a claim and having them out to assess damage. If the damage exceeds your deductible your roof repair/replacement may be covered 100% by your insurance (regardless of age) with you only being responsible for your deductible which generally ranges from $250 to $1000.

Having a professional roofing company with storm damage experience inspect your roof will provide you with a report that gives

  • Pictures of the roof and close up pictures of any damage that is present
  • Probable cause and storm date of when the damage likely occurred
  • Recommendations for repair/replacement (can shingles be repaired? matched? Available?)
  • Whether damage exceeds deductible

Once you have information on the extent, cause and probable date of damage you can use this information to answer questions your insurance carrier may have when you contact them to file a claim.

  • Type of Damage ( Hail, wind, etc)
  • Date of Loss
  • Are there immediate repairs needed
  • Will repairs exceed your deductible

What to expect with Roof Inspection?

Set an Appointment (5 min)

Set an appointment date with one of our friendly receptionists.

Inspection (20 min)

We do our inspection

Answer questions (5-60 min)

We give our recommendations and answer any questions you have on next steps.

Inspection Results (5 min)

Verbally give results of inspection and recommendations followed up with email report of inspection.

View Sample Report

What happens next? (File a claim)​

If recommendation involves temp repairs

We can do the temp repairs right then or schedule repairs to be done at later date. The cost of temp repairs can be included in the total cost of the claim so you will not have to pay for this separately.

Don't Miss Your Window To File A Claim ​

Call Today, We can help find out!​

If recommendation involves insurance company.

Make agreement on temp repair price and either do temp repair right then or schedule time for it to be completed

Contact Insurance.

Contact your insurance company and open a new claim for storm damage.

They may ask:
- Storm Dates
- Type of Damage
- Will repair exceed deductible

Adjuster Appointment

They will either assign an in-house adjuster or hire an independent third party adjuster. Either way the adjuster will call and set up a time that he/she intends to come by and do their inspection.

Scope Of Work & Estimate

Once they have finished the inspection the adjuster will either write up the estimate on site, or will take the information back to their office and write up the estimate there. They will then send that to you via mail or email. Once recived, send the estimate to Empire Roofing. Link to sample scope of work

Sign Final Agreement

Once we have the price settled on with the insurance we will get a finalized contract with you with the insurance estimate numbers. Your project manager will collect the ACV payment (Typically around 50%) as well as pick out the color and any additional items you would wish above and beyond the insurance scope of work.