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“I’ve got a metal roof. Is there a good roofing company near me?”

If your business or home has a metal roof, you might not know who to contact if you experience any issues. There are many roofers and siding contractors in Duluth, MN and the surrounding area, but few specialize in metal roofing.

Finding Good Roofers in Hermantown, MN

Finding a great company for contractor work can be a challenge. Anyone can claim online that they are experts, but not all of them have the credentials and the track record to prove it.

For any home improvement project, it is important to find a contractor who is competitively priced, fully licensed, and who has a reputation for providing prompt service and quality installation.

Roofing Contractors for Metal Roof Damage

Installation and repair of metal roofs is not an easy job for those who aren’t experienced with it. Many metal roofs have intricate design specifications, and if they are installed incorrectly, they are at risk for corrosion, leakage, and, in worst-case scenarios, structural collapse.

Metal Roofing Services by Empire Roofing

Empire Roofing offers high-quality services for both residential and commercial roofs. We know how to find the best metal roofing materials at competitive prices and have over twenty years of experience working with metal roofs.

Metal Roof Installation

At Empire Roofing, we put the same care and attention into roof installations that we would if we were working on our own house. We will take care to protect your property from wind and water damage while we quickly and efficiently install a high-quality metal roof that will stand the test of time.

Metal Roof Repair

If a wind storm or other disaster damages your roof, we know that we will be serving you during a stressful time. We are more than just a metal roof company; we are a member of the Hermantown community.

We will help you through the entire process, from the initial roof inspections to the roof repair itself and any damage mitigation that might be necessary. We’ll do what we can to help restore your property and will coordinate with your insurance company to expedite your claim.

Why Choose Empire Roofing?

Empire Roofing has spent the past twenty years becoming Duluth’s premier roofing contractor, building trust in the community and generating a track record of successful, on-time, and on-budget projects. Check out our customer reviews to see why people say we are a great company to work with and do an incredible job on all projects.

If you are looking for a professional metal roof company in Duluth, MN or the surrounding areas, Empire Roofing is your best choice for quality work and dedicated customer service.

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