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We will work with your insurance company to ensure you receive the appropriate replacement coverage.

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Roof Replacement with Insurance - Expedite Guide

Empire Roofing is your local expert in storm damage repair.

Has your home been affected by roof storm damage? Perhaps your previous roof is growing old and you want to prevent any roof problems before they get worse? Whether you need a brand new roof, roof repair, or a preemptive inspection, we can handle it for you at Empire Roofing. Contact us today to set up your free 20-point roof inspection and initial consultation, and we’ll have your home’s exterior weatherproofed in no time.

Temporary Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

If your home was recently exposed to high winds, flying debris, or severe storms, you might find yourself in sudden need of a roofing contractor. At Empire Roofing, we’ll get there quickly to provide the fast repairs you need to temporarily fix any water damage to your roof and prevent its effects from spreading. If your home has suffered significant roof storm damage after a major storm, we can arrange a full roof replacement as well.

While a temporary roof repair won’t fix significant damage, it will give you the time you need to schedule a full roof repair or partial replacement. Whether you see visible damage on your roof or not, consider calling our experts today to let us fix and prevent further problems.

Missing Shingles and Roof Damage

After your home suffers wind damage or storm damage, you may find yourself with clogged gutters, lost shingles, water leaks, or any number of related issues. However, even if you see signs of storm damage, it may not be enough to warrant a full roof repair. Whether you need just a few shingles replaced after a storm or your roof damage warrants significant attention, our team of pros has the experience and know-how to fix it quickly and efficiently.

Hail Damage

Hail damage can be devastating forces to your roof. Not only can large chunks leave you with extensive storm damage; they can also tear shingles away and even leave you with debris and ice dams. When nature hits you with hail storm damage, it’s time to call a certified roofing company to inspect and repair it.

The worst part about hail is its potential to damage your home without you even noticing. Until a professional goes up there and checks for any weak spots, you may not know about loose shingles, water intrusion, or other unseen problems. However, with the proper vigilance and the help of our professional team, that won’t be an issue.

Roof Inspection

Even if your home hasn’t suffered any recent roof storm damage, it can still weaken naturally over time. It’s always smart to have your roof inspected by an expert every so often to identify weak points and monitor its overall health, especially before you buy or sell. Our experts can also apply special products, such as a shingle seal, to help extend the life of your roof even further.

Insurance Coverage – Let Us Handle Your Insurance Company

At Empire Roofing, we have years of experience working with insurance companies in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Let us handle the task of working with your insurance provider. Before you know it, you’ll have a sturdy and functional repair that will stand the test of time (and the next storm).

To claim your free roofing estimate from Empire Roofing, call our offices at 218-724-5584 or fill out our online form today.


Contact your insurance company and open a new claim for storm damage.

They may ask for: Storm Dates Type of Damage


Adjuster Appointment

They will either assign an in-house adjuster or hire an independent third party adjuster. Either way the adjuster will call and set up a time that he/she intends to come by and do their inspection.


Scope Of Work & Estimate

Once they have finished the inspection the adjuster will either write up the estimate on site, or will take the information back to their office and write up the estimate there. They will then send that to you via mail or email. Once recived, send the estimate to Empire Roofing.



If the estimate is not what we need to do the roof we will send in supplements (Additional monies needed) to the insurance company and work out what the total needs to be.


Sign Final Contract

Once we have the price settled on with the insurance we will get a finalized contract with you with the insurance estimate numbers. Your project manager will collect the ACV payment (Typically around 50%) as well as pick out the color and any additional items you would wish above and beyond the insurance scope of work.



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