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Williston, NDYour roof is the first line of defense against all kinds of weather conditions. A leaky roof can cause many issues, including mold growth and a loss of structural integrity, that can be extremely expensive to fix. Empire Roofing in Williston, ND has been in the construction industry for over 20 years, and we can help you get the service you deserve.

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Your Trusted Williston Roofing Contractors

At Empire Roofing, we pride ourselves on offering the best roofing quality to our customers. We have experience with many types of roofing projects, including residential roofing repair, new roof installation, roofing inspections, and storm damage repair. We also have plenty of experience helping small and large businesses protect their property with our dedicated commercial roofing team.

When it comes to your home’s roof, there is no project that is too big or too small for us to handle. North Dakota has some severe weather conditions that can cause serious damage to your roof, which can cause many more problems in the future if not repaired.

As residential and commercial roofing contractors, we’ve worked with many roof types and have the experience to install anything, from flat roofs to a bespoke roof for your home. We take every job very seriously, ensuring that you get the best quality work while meeting project deadlines and budgets.

Choosing the Right Roofing Material

Whether you’re looking for a new roof for your business or your Williston, ND home, choosing the right material can be a challenge. Many customers will focus on price, but with such a wide range of materials, including shingles, tile, and even steel, it’s worthwhile doing a bit of research before committing.

For most business needs, steel and asphalt offer high durability but require the expertise of an experienced roofing contractor to function correctly.

When it comes to home installations, it’s our job to help you find the ideal material for the installation. You may love the idea of slate or steel, but your home’s structure may not support it. As part of our service, we’ll take your needs into account when making recommendations while also providing you with the best materials in the industry.

Why is steel the new hot material for home and commercial roofs? Get in touch with us to find out more!

Finding the Perfect Roofing Contractor

Roofing services involve much more than just inspections and the occasional repair. Our company provides an important service to Williston, ND and the surrounding areas, and we take our responsibility very seriously.

With over 20 years in the industry, we’re here to ensure your satisfaction. Every roofer we hire is fully certified, licensed, and bonded for your peace of mind, and we always take the time to listen to our customer’s needs.

When it comes to something as important as roofing, it’s vital to have a roofer you can trust. If you live in Williston, ND or the surrounding area, give Empire Roofing a call today at 218-724-5584 or contact us and find out what we can do for you!


Contact your insurance company and open a new claim for storm damage.

They may ask for: Storm Dates Type of Damage


Adjuster Appointment

They will either assign an in-house adjuster or hire an independent third party adjuster. Either way the adjuster will call and set up a time that he/she intends to come by and do their inspection.


Scope Of Work & Estimate

Once they have finished the inspection the adjuster will either write up the estimate on site, or will take the information back to their office and write up the estimate there. They will then send that to you via mail or email. Once recived, send the estimate to Empire Roofing.



If the estimate is not what we need to do the roof we will send in supplements (Additional monies needed) to the insurance company and work out what the total needs to be.


Sign Final Contract

Once we have the price settled on with the insurance we will get a finalized contract with you with the insurance estimate numbers. Your project manager will collect the ACV payment (Typically around 50%) as well as pick out the color and any additional items you would wish above and beyond the insurance scope of work.