As temperatures start to rise, spring is the perfect time to think about getting a new roof. Whether you need a roof repair or need to replace your entire roof, the mild springtime weather offers conditions that make it ideal for this kind of project. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a new roof this spring. 


Timeframe Benefits 

Spring offers the best timeframe for roofing projects since it is neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature and humidity levels are just right, and they provide optimal working conditions so that your contractor can get your roof repair done without any delays due to extreme weather conditions. Additionally, because most contractors prefer to work during warmer months, scheduling becomes easier in the springtime – but keep in mind that schedules fill fast, so don’t delay!


Another advantage of getting a new roof or roof repair this spring is that it will give you plenty of time to plan for future maintenance tasks such as shingle repair and gutter cleaning throughout the year. In addition, by having your project done during this season, you can take advantage of early-season discounts on materials and labor costs. And since many contractors offer deals specifically for those who get their roofs replaced in the springtime, you may even be able to save some money on your overall project cost. 


Material Benefits 

Spring offers many material benefits when it comes to roofing projects as well. Since materials such as asphalt shingles require warmth and sun exposure to properly seal them together and ensure their longevity, having them installed in spring ensures that they will have enough of both during installation and throughout their lifetime. 


Additionally, since extreme temperatures can cause materials to expand or contract more than usual, installing them during mild weather prevents any further damage from occurring due to expansion or contraction.


Safety Benefits 

In addition to being the most favorable season for material performance, spring also provides optimal safety conditions for workers. This means that they will be able to complete their tasks safely without having to worry about slipping on snow and ice or dealing with high winds while working on your rooftop. 


This is especially important if your home requires complex roof repairs that involve accessing hard-to-reach locations on your rooftop, where workers could be at risk of injury if proper safety precautions are not taken. 


Last but not least, scheduling a roofing project in the spring increases your chances of finding reputable contractors who may have packed schedules during peak summer months. When doing your due diligence to find a roof repair contractor, take note of their reviews. Booking your project sooner than later guarantees you a slot in the schedule of the roof repair contractor you trust, instead of having to settle.

With all these advantages in mind, there’s no better time than now —spring—to get started on those necessary roof repairs or replacement! Whether you need minor fixes or an entirely new roof installed, Empire Roofing will ensure that everything will go smoothly. So don’t wait—contact us today and get your project off the ground!Spring roofing