When it comes to maintaining your home, finding a reliable roofing contractor is crucial. Your roof not only protects your home from the elements but also plays a significant role in energy efficiency and overall property value. Ensuring you partner with a reputable contractor can make all the difference in the longevity and effectiveness of your roof.

Here’s what you should know right upfront:
Look for certifications: Reputable roofing contractors often hold certifications from leading manufacturers, like Owens Corning or GAF.
Check experience: Contractors with years of local experience are more likely to understand regional weather challenges and building codes.
Ask for reviews: Look for reviews from previous clients to gauge the contractor’s reliability and quality of work.

Selecting the right contractor ensures your roof is durable, properly installed, and backed by robust warranties. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to finding a trustworthy roofing contractor, making the process as smooth and informed as possible.

Understanding Your Roofing Needs

Before you start searching for a roofing contractor, it’s important to understand your specific roofing needs. Different services cater to different issues, and knowing what you need will help you find the right professional.

Roof Replacement

If your roof is old or severely damaged, a roof replacement might be necessary. At Empire Roofing, we ensure a smooth and reliable replacement process. Our team uses high-quality materials and follows best practices to install a roof that will last for years. Plus, we offer a 50-year workmanship warranty, so you can have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Roof Repair

For minor damage, a roof repair could be the best option. Whether it’s a few missing shingles or a small leak, Empire Roofing can handle it. We use materials that match your existing roof to maintain its appearance, while ensuring the repair is durable and long-lasting.

Roof Cleaning

Did you know that nearly 80% of homeowners replace their roofs prematurely because of poor maintenance? Regular roof cleaning can extend the lifespan of your roof. Empire Roofing offers professional cleaning services to remove debris, moss, and algae, keeping your roof in top shape.

Metal Roofing

Considering a more durable and energy-efficient option? Metal roofing might be right for you. Metal roofs reflect up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays, which can help reduce your energy bills. They are also incredibly durable, often lasting longer than traditional roofing materials. Empire Roofing can help you explore various metal roofing options to find the perfect fit for your home.

Skylights and Roof Windows

Want to bring more natural light into your home? Skylights and roof windows are excellent options. They improve ventilation, enhance lighting, and can even increase your home’s value. Empire Roofing offers installation, repair, and replacement services for Velux Skylights and Roof Windows, ensuring you get the most out of these features.

By understanding your specific needs, you can make a more informed decision when choosing a roofing contractor. Whether you need a full roof replacement, a simple repair, or additional features like skylights, knowing what to look for will guide you in the right direction.

Next, we’ll discuss how to choose the right roofing contractor to meet these needs effectively.

How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Choosing the right roofing contractor can seem daunting, but knowing what to look for makes the process easier. Here are the key factors to consider:

Check Credentials and Certifications

Credentials and certifications are essential for ensuring you’re working with a qualified professional. Look for contractors with recognized certifications like GAF Master Elite or Owens Corning Platinum Preferred. These certifications are proof that the contractor meets high standards of quality, training, and customer satisfaction.

Licensing and insurance are non-negotiable. A licensed contractor is compliant with local building codes and regulations, while insurance protects you from liability in case of accidents during the project.

Evaluate Experience and Expertise

Experience matters. A contractor with many years in business has likely encountered and solved a variety of roofing issues. For example, Empire Roofing has been serving the community since 1946, demonstrating a long history of reliability and expertise.

Consider the types of roofing services offered. A versatile contractor can handle residential and commercial roofing projects, including installations, repairs, and replacements. They should be familiar with different roofing materials and techniques to provide the best solution for your needs.

Read Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials provide insight into a contractor’s reliability and quality of work. Look for online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). High ratings and positive feedback are indicators of a trustworthy contractor.

For instance, one satisfied customer of Empire Roofing shared, “I watched the working team in action and have never seen such a job from start to finish as well done. They had a cleanup crew as they worked and did a thorough inspection as they finished.”

By checking credentials, evaluating experience, and reading customer reviews, you can make an informed decision and choose a reliable roofing contractor that fits your needs.

Next, we’ll explore the essential questions to ask potential roofing contractors to ensure you get the best service possible.

Questions to Ask Potential Roofing Contractors

When you’re looking for a reliable roofing contractor, asking the right questions is key. Here are some essential topics to cover:

What Warranties Do You Offer?

Warranties are a crucial factor when choosing a roofing contractor. They provide peace of mind and protect your investment. Here are some types of warranties you might encounter:

  • Workmanship Warranty: This covers errors in the installation process. For example, Empire Roofing offers a comprehensive workmanship warranty, ensuring that any installation mistakes are promptly addressed.
  • Material Warranty: This covers defects in the roofing materials themselves. The GAF Golden Pledge Warranty, available through Empire Roofing, covers both materials and workmanship for up to 25 years. This is one of the most robust warranties available in the industry.
  • System Warranty: This includes all components of the roofing system, such as flashing and accessories. It’s a comprehensive option that covers the full cost of leak repairs, including labor.

Tip: Always ask for a detailed explanation of what each warranty covers and any exclusions that might apply.

How Do You Handle Unexpected Issues?

Unexpected issues can arise during any roofing project. A reliable contractor should have a clear plan for handling them. Key points to discuss include:

  • Problem Resolution: Ask how they address unforeseen problems, like discovering damaged decking or structural issues. A good contractor will have a step-by-step process for resolving these issues efficiently.
  • Additional Costs: Inquire about how additional costs are managed. Will you be notified immediately? How are these costs calculated? Transparency is crucial here.
  • Communication: Effective communication is essential. Ensure the contractor will keep you updated throughout the project. Clear, regular updates can prevent misunderstandings and ensure the project stays on track.

Can You Provide a Detailed Estimate?

A detailed estimate is vital for understanding the scope and cost of your roofing project. Here’s what to look for:

  • Cost Breakdown: The estimate should include a clear breakdown of costs, covering materials, labor, and any additional services. This transparency helps you understand exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Materials: Ensure the estimate specifies the types of materials to be used. High-quality materials, like those offered by Empire Roofing, can make a significant difference in the longevity and performance of your roof.
  • Labor: Labor costs should be clearly outlined. This includes the cost of the installation crew, as well as any additional labor required for unexpected issues.
  • Additional Services: Some roofing projects include extra services, such as gutter installation or roof cleaning. Make sure these are listed and priced out in the estimate.

Fact: An accurate and detailed estimate helps prevent hidden fees and ensures you know what to expect financially. It also provides a basis for comparing different contractors.

By asking these essential questions, you can ensure you choose a roofing contractor who meets your needs and provides top-notch service. Next, let’s explore some red flags to watch out for when selecting a contractor.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

When selecting a roofing contractor, be aware of potential red flags that could indicate scams or unreliable service. Here are some common issues to watch out for:

Common Roofing Scams

Storm Chasers

These contractors show up after a major storm, offering quick fixes at low prices. They often pressure homeowners into immediate decisions. While their offers may seem convenient, their work is frequently subpar, and they may disappear once paid, leaving you with ongoing issues.

Upfront Payment Demands

Be wary of contractors who demand full payment upfront. Reliable contractors typically request a deposit and the remainder upon completion. Paying in full before work starts can result in unfinished projects or poor-quality work.

Lowball Estimates

If an estimate seems too good to be true, it probably is. Lowball estimates often mean the contractor plans to cut corners or will tack on additional costs later. Always get multiple estimates and compare them carefully.

Signs of Unreliable Contractors

No Physical Address

A contractor without a physical office address may be difficult to track down if problems arise. Always verify the contractor’s business address and ensure it’s legitimate.

Poor Communication

Communication is key in any project. Contractors who are hard to reach, slow to respond, or vague in their answers may not be reliable. Clear, consistent communication is a sign of professionalism.

Lack of References

Reputable contractors should easily provide references from past clients. If a contractor hesitates or cannot provide references, this is a significant red flag. Speak to previous customers to get an idea of their experience and satisfaction.

High Turnover

A high turnover rate in a roofing company can indicate instability. It might mean the company is not treating its employees well or is struggling financially. Consistent staffing usually reflects a well-managed business.

Lack of Credentials

Ensure the contractor has the necessary licenses, insurance, and certifications. In Mississippi, for example, contractors should have a valid state license. Without proper credentials, you could be liable for accidents or damage during the project.

By being aware of these red flags, you can avoid potential scams and choose a roofing contractor who is trustworthy and reliable. Next, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about roofing contractors.

Frequently Asked Questions about Roofing Contractors

How do you estimate roofing costs?

Estimating roofing costs involves several factors:

  • Material Costs: The type of roofing material you choose significantly impacts the cost. Asphalt shingles are generally the most affordable, while materials like metal or tile can be more expensive.
  • Square Footage: The size of your roof is a primary cost driver. Contractors measure the roof in “squares,” with one square equaling 100 square feet.
  • Slope Complexity: A roof with a steep pitch or complex design will require more labor and materials, increasing the overall cost.

For example, a straightforward asphalt shingle roof installation might cost around $5,890 to $12,800, but high-end materials or intricate designs can push the cost upwards of $46,000.

What should I look for in a roofing contractor?

Finding a reliable roofing contractor is crucial. Here’s what to look for:

  • Credentials: Ensure the contractor has the necessary licenses and insurance. In Mississippi, contractors should hold a valid state license.
  • Experience: Look for contractors with years of experience in both residential and commercial roofing. For instance, Watkins Construction & Roofing is a Platinum Preferred contractor with Owens Corning, a distinction held by less than 0.1% of contractors in the U.S.
  • Customer Reviews: Read online reviews and testimonials. Verified reviews from platforms like Angi can provide insights into the contractor’s reliability and quality of work.

How long does a roof replacement take?

The timeline for a roof replacement varies based on several factors:

  • Project Timeline: On average, roof replacements take 1 to 3 days, but this can extend depending on the size and complexity of the roof.
  • Factors Affecting Duration: The type of materials used, weather conditions, and the contractor’s efficiency all play a role. Adverse weather, like rain or strong winds, can delay the project.

For a more precise estimate, discuss your specific circumstances with your contractor.

By understanding these key elements, you can make an informed decision and ensure a smooth roofing project. Next, we’ll delve into the warranties you should expect from a roofing contractor.


When it comes to finding a reliable roofing contractor, Empire Roofing in Duluth, MN stands out as a top choice. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive the best possible service, whether you need a roof replacement, roof repair, or any other roofing service.

Commitment to Excellence

At Empire Roofing, we prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing durable, high-quality, and long-lasting roofing solutions. We understand that your roof is a critical part of your home, and we strive to protect your investment with exceptional workmanship.

Top-Tier Warranty Options

We offer some of the best warranties in the industry, giving you peace of mind for years to come. Our warranties cover both materials and labor, ensuring that your roof remains in top condition. This commitment to quality is part of what makes us a trusted name in roofing.

Residential and Commercial Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, Empire Roofing has you covered. We provide a wide range of services to meet all your roofing needs, from residential roof repairs to commercial roof installations. Our team is skilled in handling various roofing materials and styles, ensuring that your property is well-protected.

For more information on our services, visit our roof repair page.

Choosing Empire Roofing means choosing a reliable partner for all your roofing needs. With our dedication to excellence, top-tier warranty options, and comprehensive services, you can trust us to deliver outstanding results. Contact us today to get started on your next roofing project!