Roof Inspection: 5 Important Reasons to Get One

It is not easy to determine a roof’s actual condition from its looks. Roof repairs, along with a full replacement of the roof, can cost the homeowner a huge chunk of change. Roof inspections can detect common roofing problems such as missing shingles, moss and algae buildup, leaks or cracks, curling or buckling shingles, and a sagging or drooping roof. They can help you prevent costly roof repairs in the future and also help homeowners prioritize home improvement projects. Spring is a great time to have roof inspection professionally done – something that should be done annually to assess the roof and exterior of your home. It should be done if you are buying or selling your home or if there has been a recent big storm.  Here are five important reasons why you should consider getting a roof inspection.


Reason 1: Age

Roofs that are more than 20 years old may be due for an inspection and possible repairs or maintenance. The age of your roof can impact its overall condition, so having a roof inspector determine the age and quality of it is key.

Now is the time to schedule a roof inspection to check for damaged shingles


Reason 2: Damage

A roof can sustain damage from severe weather, such as hail or windstorms. It can also be damaged from snow and ice common in Minnesota winters. Damage can also be sustained from moss or algae buildup. A roof inspection can identify any damage that may be present on your roof. Having an expert inspect the roof will allow you to detect and fix any issues before they become more costly.


Reason 3: Safety

Regular roof inspections can ensure the safety of your home and those living in it. Roofs that are not properly maintained may cause structural damage, which could potentially lead to injury or worse. Having an experienced inspector detect any problems early on will help keep your home and family safe.

Reason 4: Curb Appeal

A roof inspection can also help improve the curb appeal of your home. An inspector can identify any problems with the exterior of your home, including any wear and tear on the roof. This helps protect the value of your home and adds to its overall aesthetic.

Reason 5: Warranty Repairs

Your roof can have leaks due to many reasons and some of them might be covered under a roof warranty. Make sure to call a professional to perform a roof inspection and determine whether you should file a warranty claim. Once the contractor or manufacturer visits your site, they will inspect your roof and determine whether a repair or leak is covered under warranty. Depending on the type of warranty and the type of roofing material used on your home, they may either provide coverage for repairs to existing damage or replace the entire roof. It is important to keep in mind that some types of leaks and damage are not covered by most warranties.


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