Dealing with the hot summer months can be incredibly difficult. Unfortunately, having your air conditioner working overtime in order to keep the temperature cool inside your home can be incredibly costly. Unfortunately, many homeowners overlook the fact that their roofs may be letting the cold air out, which could drive up their energy costs. 


If your roof is drafty and dated, you may be able to benefit significantly by having a new roof in Duluth, MN, installed in your home. There are several ways that a new roof can help you save on your energy bill.

A New Roof in Duluth, MN, Can Reflect Solar Rays

One key way that a new roof in Duluth, MN, can help you save money on your energy bill is by reflecting the sun’s harsh UV rays. As we move forward through the summer months and the temperature starts to heat up, our roofs are exposed to sunlight much longer. As a result, the roof has the ability to absorb heat, which can make it harder inside your home.


Having a new roof installed on your home can help to reflect some of the UV rays beating down on your home. As a result, you are likely to benefit from having cooler temperatures inside without your air-conditioner having to do as much work. This can reduce the cost that you have to pay on your energy bill each month.

A New Roof Can Improve Your Ventilation System

Installing a new roof in Duluth, MN, provides you with the ability to update the land elation system on your roof. When the ventilation does not work correctly, there is a chance that hot air and moisture can get trapped inside your attic. This can force your air conditioner to work extra in order to maintain a cool temperature while battling the heat above.


Installing a new roof allows you to create a new ventilation system to ensure the hot air is able to leave your home. 

The Color of Your Shingles Can Make a Difference

Installing a new roof in Duluth, MN, provides you with the opportunity to select a single color for your roof that is less likely to absorb the heat from the sunlight. Having less heat pulled into your home through the roof can help to reduce your energy costs significantly.

You Have the Ability to Modernize Your Shingles

Installing a new roof in Duluth, MN, provides you with the ability to select more modernized materials for the shingles of your home. Recent advancements and modernizations of shingles provide homeowners with the ability to choose shingles that have more dimensional stability as a result of polymerization. 


Shingles are also more resistant to heat flow and have increased metal content that provides additional protection from the elements. All of these added benefits can help to reduce your energy costs and create a safer environment for your family. In addition, the new modernized structure of shingles drastically reduces the amount of money that you have to spend repairing your roof prematurely.

When Empire Roofing Help With Your New Roof

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